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Whether you are looking for a car, business, home, personal, or debt consolidation loan, or want to open an account in a UAE bank or get a credit card, our team is ready to help you. At CompareGULF, one of the top online loan facilitators in the region, we specialize in providing personalized services to our clients. If you are new to UAE and are not be familiar with the formalities, or are short of time to do research and get good deals, a little bit of help from us can save you both time and money.

Types of Loans

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At, we provide assistance you need for buying the following insurance:

Personal Loan

Personal loans are nothing but unsecured loans. They help you overcome your immediate requirement for cash. Typically, you are not required to provide any collateral security when taking a personal loan. Further, your lender gives you the flexibility to use the proceeds as you wish. If you are falling short of funds for completing a home renovation, paying children & tuition fees, or meeting an unplanned emergency expense, a personal loan is a great option to consider. Further, we can help you even if you are not working for a listed company.

Business Loan

Whether you are starting a business or expanding your existing business, you will need funds. You will also need working capital to run your business. The banks in the UAE support small, medium, and large businesses by providing term and working capital loans or trade finance. However, only a few banks provide funds for starting businesses because of the risk involved. Moreover, it is important to get the best deal to run your business successfully. As the leading loan facilitator in the region, CompareGULF can help you:

Home Loan

For most people, going for a home loan is the biggest financial decision they will ever have to take in their lives. As it calls for a long-term commitment, it is very important to evaluate the terms and conditions offered by lenders. Otherwise, you will end up paying a huge amount as interest. This is when CompareGULF can be of great service to you. We have a clear understanding of the home loan market and we have tied up with some of the top home loan providers in the UAE. This means that we can get you the best deals!

Debt Consolidation Loan

If you are in a challenging financial situation and struggling to make multiple high-interest payments to various creditors every month, then the best option is to consider taking a debt consolidation loan. This financial strategy helps you to bring down your monthly payments to just one and get rid of debt sooner. Combining all debts into one loan can help you save on interest payments as well. We will connect you with the lender that offers the best terms depending on your situation.

Credit Cards

Credit cards make payments convenient and they have become popular over the years because of the access they provide to short-term credit. Credit cards also offer other benefits such as cash-back, air miles, lounge access & two-for-one movie tickets, etc. However, choosing one for meeting your specific needs can be a challenging task. CompareGULF can help you in this regard as we have extensive market information on the subject.


At CompareGULF, we specialize in helping individuals and business owners open accounts in the UAE. We provide a free consultation and the best solution that suits your specific requirements. We leverage the years of experience we have in the financial sector to help you open different types of personal as well as corporate bank accounts in UAE as we have built strong connections with most of the top banks.

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