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Privacy Policy

Several websites insist on the visitors to disclose their personal information on their websites where the details are to be entered and it might be any kind of information ranging from the simplest of it all like name, e-mail, employment details, location and others and the information required varies from one website to the other. This is technically defined as the Personally Identifiable information or PII for short. As with the regulations in the United States, the information is considered imperative for various reasons: one, as a general requirement for statistical purposes or in relation to other facts that might come up later.

It would benefit the visitor to our website to be aware of how the whole process is carried out on our website under privacy policy details.

Nature of Information Collected

The information that is mostly collected includes the name, the e-mail, phone number which is relevant to what the visitor has sought during the browsing time.

Collection Time

The information is collected when the person is entering the details online in the space provided.

Information Usage

The information so collected is used as the visitor seeks out to buy certain products or is trying to collect information himself may be for a future utility, or when he or she has registered for a subscription, such as a newsletter, or when he is interested in knowing more about the subject of interest, and in some cases it is used as and when the visitor is entering or filling out details relevant to a marketing communication and at a future date through phone or e-mail.

Information Security

This is the big question every visitor would ask as confidentiality with regard to any information is a serious concern. We do not scan when the data has a chance to be misused and conform to the PCI standards or Payment Card Industry for short. Instead of asking for more details, we offer free information relevant to what the visitor has been seeking online.

It should be mentioned that neither do we use a malware scanning applications nor the SSL certificate or Secure Sockets Layer for short. We do not collect information about the visitors’ credit card details or the debit card details. No private information concerning the visitor is sought after in our privacy policy.

All About Cookies

We do use cookies but only with the consent of the visitor to our site. It helps in remembering the past information sought so that what the visitor likes can be shown during a later visit. This includes facts like product bought or saved to the shopping cart. The cookies would be sent while searching for a product online or the details thereof but as an alert and only after the consent of the person. If needed, the cookies can be disabled however; the cookies can save information and release it later during the browsing process.

Information Distribution

The information thus collected can be provided to any other website or businesses where the most general information alone is passed on such as name address, phone, and e-mail. Sometimes it may be for a fee.

Utilizing Personal Information

Certain personal and sensitive information may be given to the third parties on request but of it has a direct relation to your benefits such as applying for a credit card and other uses.

Google AdSense

It is well known that there are various benefits of Google AdSense for advertising your products and other uses. The cookies help in storing the browsing history in order to be facilitated to the user at a future browsing activity. Google can save advertisements on to our sites using DART cookies. One can opt out of it if the users feel so.

As far as the different types of cookies are concerned, we utilize the Google Display Network Impression Reporting to exchange of information between the first party and the third party websites. Here the Google Analytics Cookies and the Doubleclick cookies are used by the first and third parties respectively.

It is also possible to opt out of the process on AdSense by Google ad settings or the Google Analytics webpage. A visit to ADWORDS POLICY would be handy in knowing more on our privacy policy.

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