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Benefits of Trade Finance

Trade Finance

Trade finance is a crucial facet of international business that encompasses a range of financial instruments and services designed to facilitate and support global trade transactions. It plays an indispensable role in reducing risks, ensuring the flow of goods and services across borders, and providing the necessary financing for businesses engaged in international commerce. Here is a comprehensive description of trade finance:

  • Letter of Credit (LC)

    An LC is a conditional payment mechanism. The issuing bank promises to pay sellers if documents presented comply with the terms and conditions. Most trade finance providers offer Irrevocable, Transferable, Back-to-Back, Revolving, and Standby Letter of Credit. 

  • Letter of Guarantee (LG)

    Trade finance providers also extend LGs to clients to protect their interests and rights in many categories including bid bonds, performance, retention, advance payment, contract guarantees, and suppliers credit guarantee, among others. 

  • Loan Against Trust Receipts (LATR)

    This type of import finance helps you to pay for the imported goods shipments.

  • Short Term Loans (STL)

    This is also an import financing option. It helps you to make the advance payment to suppliers. 

  • Export Bill Discounting (export credit financing)

    You get paid a discounted value of the invoice raised by you on making the shipment.

  • Post Dated Cheque Discounting

    This receivables financing option enhances your cash liquidity. 

  • Loan Against Invoices or Invoice Discounting

    This is another receivables financing option which allows you to borrow funds against future payments or invoices. 

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