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Terms And Conditions

Given below are the terms and conditions that you have to follow when you use our website. While using our website, these are the terms and conditions that you have to keep in mind.

For your information, ours is a comparison portal that has the business model which is based on individual attention to every customer and also, we do the comparison for the customer saving him or her hours of poring through pages of data comparing the banks for their financial services. Our business motto is “We do the comparison for the customer” and stands true to the name of our website,

Terms of access:

The visitor to the website, is notified the following details with respect to the access of the website.

The website carries the information relevant to our business model which is to help applicants to avail loans and financial assistance. It should be kept in mind that the website would be changed from time to time and the spread of the information is also subject to change given the new developments in the field. As factors change, the information in the website and the layout of the website would be completely removed and without any notice. The content is subject to change or to be completely removed without any notification. This includes the other websites that have a link to website. We cannot be held responsible for any change in content, layout or the graphics on a regular basis or intermittently.

Terms of Intellectual Property:

All the details relevant to the website that includes the content, the graphics, the layout, the formatting, and use of software are all subject to change and we reserve the right to do so without notice.

We retain the right to change the content and the use of software, the layout of the website and the general appearance of the website. The applications that we use to modify or restructure our website are solely our right and there is no questioning the right. We own the right to the website and you retain the right to the content and the data that you provide. You grant us the right and the global license to publish the data on royalty-free terms, retain the right to publish, remove, or modify the content on the website.

As provided in our privacy policy, we retain the right and the ownership to publish the content, modify and also upgrade it as we deem it fit.

The content and the data provided in the website do not recommend the visitor to purchase the product or services that are published or based on the information that the website carries. It is suggested strongly that before making any decision based on the recommendations or information provided, to consult a professional in financial products.

Terms On Liability

It is worth mentioning that as per our business model, we do the comparison of the services provided by the multitude of banks and other financial service providers for our customers and we do a meticulous job of it. At the same time, it should be stressed that the customer is suggested to take a decision only after having a serious consultation with a professional financial consultant.

It should be emphasized that we take utmost care and effort to publish the data and information, qualitative and quantitative accurately and at the right time as the changes happen on the linked websites. However, we are not responsible for any inaccuracy or errors that were found in the information due to the fault in the links. We also ensure that we change or correct any data or error as swiftly as possible as soon as the discrepancy is observed. This is true of data that get omitted or missed along the way. We strongly put it that we are not responsible for the errors or inaccuracies found in the third party websites reviewed for the data. We insist that we are not responsible for any liability at your end as we take all efforts to bring out the best information possible.

Though we strive to bring out the latest and the precise information, we are not responsible for any mishaps or failure or losses that you have faced due to the inaccurate data or content in the third party websites as you used them to purchase any financial product. We cannot be held responsible for the losses or damage that you faced due to the use of information published on the website as we make every effort to give out the most appropriate, current and the accurate data possible.

Since the data published are liable to change, we cannot take any responsibility due to the change in the content or frequent change in the data on the third party websites. The problems faced or the liabilities suffered and losses met are not our responsibilities in any way. The random changes that take place in the electronic transmission of the data are not our responsibility.

The customers can buy any product that is shown on our website but the characteristics of the products and the liability thereof are not our responsibility. The website displays the products of the third party for giving the information. If you have any aspect to clarify, you must contact the third party yourself and not hold us responsible for any information the third party gives us to publish on our website

It is suggested that you read all the small prints before taking the decision. We are not selling any of the financial products that we display but you have to deal directly with the service provider for any discrepancy in availing the service.

We compare and display the financial products of all the banks and non banking financial institutions but we do not recommend any bank and the results of the comparison is entirely up to you to decide on the purchase of credit cards, personal loans of all kinds etc. The transaction that you carry out with the third party is not our responsibility, and we do not insist on which bank to avail services from as it is the sole responsibility of customer.


The advertisements that are displayed on our website, are carried out as per the specifications given to us by the third party. We do not take any responsibility for the inaccuracies in the content and the data provided by the third party.

As per the requests of the third party, we display the advertisements and this should not be taken as a suggestion given by us in any case. If any change is suggested by the third party, we would from time to time change the content and the graphics thereof and we cannot be held responsible for it. It is between the third party and the customer to sort out the differences. We would display advertisements from all kinds of third parties in the UAE and we do not suggest the third party to change or withdraw content on our website

Note that we are not the associates of any third party website or advertisers and we hold no liability as to the transactions between the advertiser and the customer.

For Safe Keeping

It is imperative to mention that the customers should read the terms and conditions of the transaction of any kind and that the customer make sure that he or she does offer to handover money to the third party and that he or she asks for a written terms and conditions at the time of negotiation and it would help to get these details in their letterhead and make sure to ask for and save the phone numbers both mobile and the landline in order to feel secure about your money. This applies to all financial products that you avail. It is safe to keep every transaction in writing.

Your Declaration:

It is incumbent upon the customer to declare that all the content and information that you provide us to be published on our website is true and factual and that the website and the firm are not liable to be examined in the case of any missed information or misinformation or wrong data that might be detrimental to us.

You Authorize

As you enter into a contract held together by the factuality of information and content, you authorize the website, our associates and our affiliates to contact your firm by means of telephone, mobile, SMS etc and to contact your associates nominated by you for the dealings. You also give us the right to contact you when new information is to be passed on to you. This you authorize also to our associates and affiliates to send across any new development that happens from time to time.

When you call…

It is notified even in advance that the phone calls from your side will be monitored, and recorded as our customer service associates converse with you. This will be held confidential in order to improve our services and will be available only under supervision.

In Case Of Complaints

We give full attention to customer service and clarify any query that you may have. You can contact us by phone, email or in any form so as to solve any problems that you might encounter. If the services are not satisfactory to you, you can call our customer service executives at any time.

Data Safety

We vouch for the safety of the data that you may give us on any occasion. You can read all the details of our privacy policy right away.

The Current Products

We display and publish only the current and latest financial services and comparison on our website This does not imply that we recommend the services of any advertiser. We do not charge any fee to our customers and true to our motto; we lend our services by paying attention to every individual seeking our advice.

However, we charge a very small fee to the customers when the process gets tedious due to any reason or difficulty that we might encounter during the process. The only fee we charge is on the service provided for bringing in a client.

It is insisted that you read the terms and conditions before you decide upon availing any financial service from any party published on our website

In General

The aforementioned information is for purpose of knowledge and awareness and cannot be used for commercial motives of any kind.

For any details on our services visit

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